company town

by painted saints

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released April 17, 2006


all rights reserved



painted saints Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: company town
company town

they’ll kick you in the balls
when you’re two feet tall
and theres gnashing of teeth
when you’re down on your knees
and they’ll turn all the screws of those who refuse
and they won’t give in until you’re nothing at all

and the rain comes down
in this god damned company town
and i need to find some sleep for tonight
and it hurts like hell
and you never really can tell
what’s once been said and what’s never been done

and they’re spreading the disease
take it straight to the heart
and they’ll drive in the nails
until you can’t move an inch
paint truth on cardboard signs
all answers come as lies
and they’ll strip you down bare
stare and laugh until dawn

they’ll kick you in the balls
when you’re two feet tall
pour salt in the wounds
pray it’s over soon
Track Name: contraptions and cigarettes
contraptions and cigarettes are nececontraptions and cigarettes

smoke fills up granite skies and barely my eyes
hold up ten layers up to my demise
hold on to your sympathies he might just pull through
grass stains on skinned knees and tears in his eyes

contraptions and cigarettes are necessary
for our salvation and hopefully

our teeth are sunk in asphalt our dimes long gone spent
slice you up with paper cuts while you pay all the rent
some just aint natural the way in all ends
halos on angles caffeine instead

vision blurred by radios dusty relics untrue
paper thin skin lets the blue veins shine through
my mind's made up literal this time i'm undone
coffee ground grit between your teeth and knuckles worked to bone
Track Name: cardboard and silence saved us again
cardboard and silence saved us again

this long and mighty river
she must be in love again
all she needed was time

I ride amongst these boxcars
matchsticks break in the wind
cardboard and silence saved us again
all she needed was time

hearts and wires
hollow ways
cold fingertips are bleeding again
hearts and wires and holy men
how could we end up this way

hollow fingertips
made of paper mache
we run along her cocaine spine
to remember what it must be

eyelids they might hand low
sacred hearts may bleed
look in her eyes she’ll be naked someday
plain and you won’t be there
Track Name: barbed wire and tin
barbed wire and tin

nothing is sure
nothing is certain
oh how I crawled
on knees twisted and burned
debris of these years when we were ill
how could I be this hopelessly still

I meant no harm
just a selfish means to want and stay
my pride it bleeds
in sympathy she looks at me
I’ll die alone
know I’ve been
she’ll walk away
never seen that what I seen

I’ll never believe a word that’s ever been said
we drench ourselves to unravel at the seems
I see on eyes aged by barbed wire and tin
we keep ourselves sincere
to get inside their skin
Track Name: kerosene

lord what have I done this time
when I poisoned up that well
been drinking kerosene down in my cell
now its time to share the wealth
time to take them down

made my way with my kerosene
and I tilted it up and inch
poured all this venom down in their tank
and plagued these waters
plagued these waters down

I should swing for this shame
with kerosene fingers I point blame
my ribcage is grown mighty cold
for against this earth I crawl low

made my way through the brambles and thorns
while the gravel pitted up my skin
weeds thrash and thistles bite and I fall into the grass
lord I’m walking kind of funny with the scars of last night

made to breath in dirt and my vital signs is off
cause I was baptized into this fate
pestilence is spreading pristine waters dark
this is what you made what you made me be

eyes of the virgin may bleed
when this sacrilege she does see
these bastard are living in their peace
never paid a cent for their deeds
Track Name: doused appleway
doused appleway

he stretched the desert flat and read tea leaves to understand
he monitored the pulse of oracles and television screens
he ate apples doused with gasoline to prove them all wrong
and shot open a mouth filled with razor blade teeth

marble eyes see nothing but the lies
thoughts choked on ozone and the seeds of dead hopes
kindness and eyes full of ash he stares
tongue tripped up with unclean fingertips

he marveled at the hoover dam and sank all the way to the end
once dusty toes and wrinkled eyes snapped shut he saw visions
dead gypsy silhouettes in the silt passages
he continued to breathe in the water to fill up his lungs

he never said another word to anyone but himself
how could they listen anymore
they all know nothing grows in concrete
and no one dreams in acetone
Track Name: miles of twine
miles of twine

when will i see your eyes
bury me in miles of twine

lord of empty pocket change
vandals breathe mountains of lies

holy mother patron of lies
when will i find out its mine

oh so deep in dirt
walkin dead of this earth
its times like these
make you pray for the disease

tie me up and take me down
lay me in paper and sell me out

pills and bottles keep sentiments alive
angry wisdom from a bottle of wine

lord of empty pocket change
bury me in miles of twine
Track Name: the volvo king of new york
the volvo king of new york

south houston hockey league
we all learn to spit up our own teeth
everything said
is to be believed

wax mustache smile and whine
we all know when its our time
sacrifice comes on our mother's dime

we kicked their shins bare
boots with the dust painted on
been a virgin for so god damned long
the volvo king of new york

we ride out ride til the quarter runs out
they tell us we are the great white hope
float on huron and wait it all out

rattlesnakes and cracks on sidewalks
weeds crawl up and die as we steal our words
there aint no shame in pale sunken eyes
Track Name: every time i smile wrong (sopping thursday)
every time I smile wrong (the sopping thursday)

I walk along street lights cold
bellows breathe deep every time I smile wrong
if only they knew the lies told were true
we’d all be down on our knees
heaven I pray might save us same day
from all this unnecessary grace

hopefully the gasps go untold
crimes done long ago
clouds might clear and might dissipate
sopping Thursday
heaven I pray might save us someday
from all this unnecessary grace
Track Name: to answer monotone
to answer monotone

will you remember
the circumstance of my demise
all i never knew
has become so unbearably true

i was left forgotten
a misery i tried not to see
the sickness has turned me pale
so let yourself down and try to be

faithful has never been mine
i'm dead to them so try to be
my heart has seen better days
so let yourself down and try to be

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